Coronavirus Removal

Sanitation and Sterilization Services Designed to Eliminate Traces of COVID-19, a coronavirus.

We Follow All CDC and EPA Guidelines

Our USP Certification gives us the opportunity to have access to training and technology other companies cannot get!

Prevention Program Recommendations

Inside & Out Maintenance, LLC recommends the implementation of a terminal cleaning program that uses quaternary disinfectants for high-contact areas in all public facilities. High-contact areas include buttons for elevators, stair railings, sink faucets, toilet handles, light switches, etc.
The implementation of this program in facilities we service will significantly reduce the
likelihood of the building’s occupants contracting COVID-19 and will help prevent the
spread of this disease.

Proven Disinfection and Sanitation Procedures

Inside & Out Maintenance, LLC has the training and certifications through the United States Pharmacopeia, USP. We are trained in processes such as disinfection, decontamination, and sterilization. Our techniques and chemicals used are proven to be the most efficient in the
trade. All personnel in health care settings are to adhere to standard, contact, and airborne precautions, including the use of eye protection (glasses or masks) if interacting or very close to people with confirmed COVID-19 or people under observation. These precautions include the use of NIOSH-approved respirators, gowns, gloves, eye mask/protection N95, etc.

Chemicals and Disinfectants

Inside & Out Maintenance, LLC uses disinfectants and chemicals for its COVID-19 disinfection and prevention program that comply with the U.S. EPA Emerging Pathogens Policy. Also, the chemicals and disinfectants that are used in the program are those that are currently used for infection control in any facility we service to fight COVID-19 on non-critical, hard and non-porous surfaces.

Improved Infection Control Program