Inside & Out Maintenance, LLC Team has a quantifiable track record of producing defined performance-based improvements. These improvements include:

• Increasing HCAHPS and Patient Satisfaction Scores
• Improvement in Patient Safety
• Improved JCAHO compliance with Environment of Care Standards
• Reduced Operating Costs
• COVID-19 Sterilization and Sanitation
Inside & Out Maintenance, LLC Team offers a wide array of services to the Medical Field:

• Janitorial Cleaning
• Clean Rooms
• Carpet Cleaning
• Tile & Grout Cleaning
• Strip and Wax of VCT Floors
• Indoor Window Cleaning
• *Pressure Washing
• Hard Floors Cleaning
• Odor Control
• Post Remodel and Construction Cleaning

*Pressure washing, ground floor only, such as: side walks, driveways, first floor walls.

While patients and residents seek specialist treatment and care at hospital, nursing homes and other medical care sites, the fact is that these can also be hotspots for infections and the spread of illness. Inside & Out Maintenance, LLC Team, and our expert team of cleaners, know that highly specialized commercial cleaning is required to prevent illness associated with healthcare.

Apart from the importance of having to be the cleanest spaces, hospitals, nursing and other medical sites need to also present a professional and cared-for look. In terms of commercial cleaning in medical facilities, Inside & Out Maintenance, LLC Team of cleaners fully understand the myriad of reasons that best practice cleaning is required.

Medical facilities are among our top priority here at Inside & Out Maintenance, LLC, We understand the importance of a sterile environment, so we will go above and beyond to ensure your facility is clean. We use top grade supplies to get the best results possible. Inside & Out Maintenance, LLC only uses the best equipment and products, and equipment that give our technicians the tools that are necessary to satisfy any need. We pay special attention to the medical department, which is why we have a specially trained staff dedicated solely to these facilities. With many years of experience working with medical institutions, we have created a system guaranteed to give you the best cleaning, sterilization and sanitation. Since these buildings cannot be at risk for contamination, we can assure you that all our equipment used, is cleaned daily. You can count on us to always be there and make sure that all is taken care of to give you peace of mind. Contact us for scheduling COVID-19 sanitation process.